Saturday, October 31, 2009

17-year-old Chinese girl beaten and raped; Video on Chinese web

The Chinese web is astir with the news of a video showing a 17-year-old girl being repeatedly beaten by a group of girls and raped by four boys. A year after the actual events, a daily Chinese newspaper relates the story.
On July, 3rd, a Mr Xiong contacts the Chinese daily newssite and tells them about the video: "I hope you will look into that." A journalist watches the video, showing a girl being held down by a group of girls. Attached to the pics, a message: "Today I watched 7-minute video clip, apparently put together by students from Kaiping school. The sequence shows a girl undergoing sexual violence..." Among the students, the journalist counts 6 girls and 4 boys, and two of them are naked. They use the Kaiping dialect (Guangdong province). The journalist also spots the school uniform. One may wonder why it took so long for the police to get hold of such a video: apparently, it had been online since January, after being exchanged via cell phones.
The following facts have been reported: the young girl had made some unkind remark to the girls, who found her in an internet bar, dragged her outside, took her clothes off, beat her up, then brought her to a hotel and called up 4 boys. While the boys were raping the victim, the girls held her down. They then proceeded to beat her again, forcing the victim to beat herself and to walk straight.
The 4 boys have since been arrested, as well as some of the girls from the video. As it turned out, some of them have had prior records with the police.

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